the joy of indoor snowball fights

It was another wintry weekend here in the North Country this past weekend. As much as we loved that taste of spring we had last week, we knew it wouldn't last. Ryan and I have been working to be more intentional about our time since he got home, which has led us to making a list of to-dos and hope-to-dos for the weekend. We do it on Friday night, and it's actually been a huge help. With our move coming up quickly, we know we're on borrowed time, so we jot down everything that has to be done, and we build fun into the mix, as well. It really helps keep us sane. 

We needed to do a few mundane things this weekend. I had my WW meeting at 9 on Saturday, I needed to pick up some fabric to make baby shower gifts, and we needed to pick up some boxes to start the moving process. We conquered all those tasks (plus church!!!), and we even had time for a trip to Target - because why not - and an indoor snowball fight.

bunny ears: target (available here)

My little men are doing so well learning to play with one another. It was rough-going there for a while. Boy mamas - is that normal? Now, however, Spencer likes to guide their play, Porter likes to antagonize, and they have a silly little dynamic going with all their activities. They really love sharing their Manatiles together, and it's so fun to watch them think and build things together. They also love to take their tubs together, and they really enjoyed riding together in the cart at Target.

It's the little things like this that make my mama heart smile. I knew we were in for a challenge having two little guys 18 months apart, but watching them find comfort and fun in each other is basically the best thing ever.

Also, in regards to this indoor snowball's probably the best $28 we've spent this winter. It's called Snowtime Anytime, and it comes with 40 "snow"balls. They're soft enough to chuck at one another, but they're firm enough that they fly well. PSA - dogs love them. The kit comes with 40 snowballs...we're down to 37.

snowtime anytime indoor snowball fight (sold out - similar available here)

Also, it's next to impossible to get pictures of these boys on-the-go, but I'll never stop trying. I've been solely sticking to my iPhone right now, but once we move, I'll get back to the DLSR. It's laziness, friends, pure and simple. 

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and have a great week ahead! This is my last week prior to surgery, which takes place next Monday, so I'm soaking up my last few days of mobility while I can. It's going to be an adventure!

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  1. The boys look so cute in Their bunny ears and indoor snow ball fights....I’m in! Have a great start to your week sweet pea!

  2. The indoor snow fight is such a genius idea!! Looks like it was a hit! xo, Biana

  3. The indoor snowball fight looks like so much fun! I think we might need that. :-)

  4. Those indoor snowball fights look sooo cool. I want to get those for our house. I am sure my dog will love them as well. Love all the cute photos. The boys in their bunny ears!!!

  5. How adorable is the indoor snowball fight!

  6. That first photo of the boys is seriously adorable!!!! :) They are awesome.

  7. I think I need an indoor snowball fight for our Australian winter 😜 that’s my kind of snow haha!