apple picking

Now that fall is in full swing in New Hampshire (better known as the best time of the year if you live in New England), there is so much that I want to do! The cooler weather, the changing colors of the leaves…all of it…I swear it speaks to my soul. Today, it was a bit warmer, and we had some free time, so my sister, brother-in-law and a whole bunch of good friends decided to go apple-picking.

Here in New Hampshire, there is no shortage of apple orchards, and we decided to try one in Hollis called Lavoie’s Farm because Adam, my brother-in-law, really wanted to find a place where he could climb the trees. He swears none of the places have trees that are tall enough to climb. As a quick aside, he’s 5’8″. All these trees are tall enough for him. I digress.

The weather was beautiful, the apples were freaking delicious, and I ate to my heart’s content. Naturally, I had to bring the camera along to document the day because that’s just what I do. It was a blast…I’ll definitely miss fall weather here when I leave. Arizona’s got nothin’ on fall in NH!