making a list (checking it twice)

It seems that, in addition to an endless series of countdowns (38 days till I see Ryan for Thanksgiving, 61 days till I see Ryan for Christmas and 75 days till our wedding!!!), I know am the proud owner of a million lists.

I have many, many lists of things to do for our wedding.

There’s that list of people that will receive wedding announcements as opposed to invitations, simply because we’re having such a small wedding.

There’s a list of things I will be moving with my to Arizona, plus a list of things that won’t be. Congratulations, cats, you made the cut. I know you’re excited to drive 23984290384 miles with me to your new home at Fort Huachuca.

There’s the list of documents I know I can’t move without. 

It’s seemingly endless, and it made me panic and get frustrated more than once this past weekend. Ryan, bless him, took it all in stride. He calmed my nerves and my fears about not being financially stable because of this wedding and the move. He remained my rock, for which I will be eternally grateful.

My parents, too, have blessed us in a way I never thought possible, and I realized this weekend that I need to take a step back, breath and just be.

It is so easy to get caught up in everything that has to be done and miss out on all the little things in life. I made a promise to myself, to Ryan and to my parents that I’m going to work harder to stop stressing and start enjoying.

And, most of all, I made a promise to Heavenly Father. I overlook his divine guidance too often. I know that His will plays a part in everything, and for that I am so, so blessed.