planes, trains & moving vans

I had a friend remark to me yesterday that I always seem to be moving, and it make me think about it. It’s kind of true. I’ve lived in New Jersey, Florida, Utah, South Africa and now New Hampshire. In January I’ll be moving to Arizona to be with my soon-to-be husband. Less than a year later, we’ll be PCSing, and it looks like we’ve got some incredible adventures ahead of us (more on that later when we finally get his official orders from WOCs).

If you add that up, that’s 5 places already in my 27 years of life, 6 before I turn 28 and 7 before my 29th birthday. To some, that may seem like madness. If I think of it in terms of the moving process, itself, it is madness. But here’s the thing…I love traveling. I love exploring. Ryan told me when we first started dating that it takes a certain kind of woman to marry a military man because home is always changing and it could be anywhere in the world.

I’d be lying if I said the prospect of many, many moves in the next 15 years didn’t scare me just a bit, but seriously, how could we pass up this opportunity? My best friend and I will get to explore this incredible world together in ways so many people might otherwise never be able to. That, in and of itself, makes up for the uncertainty of Army life, if you ask me.