planning, planning, planning

I’ve made a point of the fact that I refuse to stress over this wedding. This is a blessed, exciting and happy time, and Ryan and I are just looking forward to starting our lives together. At the risk of being super annoying on this blog, I’ll be posting little bits and pieces about our plans because, y’know, with less than three months to go (!!!!!!!) we have a lot to accomplish.

We’re starting on the wedding planning, which really is a blast. We’re going super simple, sweet and low-key…which is definitely us. He’ll be wearing his dress uniform, so any colors we do use will serve to complement that. We’re thinking silvers, golds and lots of neutrals.

Oh, and the dress? Yeah, no clue. That’s going to be fun.

We did, however, score a photographer from back in my modeling days, and we’re very exciting that she’s going to shoot our wedding and teensy “reception” for next to nothing.

And yes, I put reception in quotes because it will be more of a family dinner out than anything else. The second we label anything with the term “wedding,” the price goes up astronomically.

So, tentatively, our day looks like this: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour (all food and drinks made my yours truly), Pictures in the White Mountains, Dinner with Family, Drinks and Dancing with the youths.

Simple. Sweet. Succinct. Love.

After the wedding, Ryan and I are hoping to move straight into on-base housing since we’ll be in AZ for just less than a year before we have to PCS. From what he’s heard, it looks like we need to have our marriage license in order and everything first. Otherwise, we’d have to rent an apartment until it’s all cleared up. Do any of my military spouse friends have any info on this sort of thing?

We’ll have my car, my furniture, his furniture, his car and two cats to move, so it’s going to be, well, unique.