sprechen sie deutsch?

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that I’d fill you guys in when we got Ryan’s official orders as to our next station?

We expected to get them in a couple weeks…no sooner, for sure, but probably later…because that’s the Army for you, especially with Ryan going to WOCs before we PCS (more on that later).

Well, I was sitting at my desk yesterday wondering where the heck our lives would take us next,

when I got a text from Ryan stating simply, “I’m looking at orders now.” Cue excited freak out.

“Babe, I think we’re gonna have to buy you some Rosetta Stone soon.”

My text back? “Where, WHEN, WHERE?!”

I’m all class under excitement, kids. All class.

He didn’t keep me waiting long though (probably because he was more excited than me, if possible).

His reply? “My whole body is smiling. We’re going to Germany!”

So yes, our little family is PCSing to Germany on January 2, 2015.

Yes, that is exactly two days before our first anniversary.

We can’t wait to live in the land of shnitzel, Oktoberfest, amazing scenery and history.

The cats? Yeah, they’re going to be clueless up until the point they’re put in crates.

I’m pretty sure that’s actually the only part I’m dreading.

I’ve only been to Germany once to visit family when I was 14. Ryan did his mission there for two years, so he’s fluent in German, and he’s excited to bust out that knowledge. I’m just hoping that my minimal Dutch and Afrikaans will somehow help me communicate. 
Regardless, though, this is the opportunity of a lifetime for us, and we couldn’t be happier!
Have any of you been to Germany/PCSed to Germany?
Any advice or places that we absolutely must see during our 3 years abroad?