the evolution of sisters

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I guess it must be my old age catching up to me. 

I kid. I know I’m not old. Yet.

I have two sisters, and I’m the middle child. 

We’re all about 2 years apart…a little less…well done, parents.

And when I was growing up, I definitely didn’t appreciate them like I do now.

As an aside – no, Nikki is not strangling Kristina…she was trying to get her to sit up straight.

These days, my sisters are truly my best friends.

Do we fight? Sure, but not like we used to…

And I definitely don’t have “middle-child syndrome” like I used to either.

These girls are incredible. 

Nikki’s one smart cookie – she’s a vet. Kristina is in law school. Smarties. 

And yet, we still have fun like we used to – only better.

Nikki married and gave us the best brother we could ever hope for. 

Kristina grew 29340823 inches and towers over us,

But it hasn’t changed our shenanigans,

Or the seemingly endless amount of fun we have together.

Clearly we haven’t changed that much because there’s a 15 year age gap here.

My sisters are, first and foremost, my friends.

They picked me up when I was broken after failed relationships, 

And they celebrated with me when I found the man of my dreams.

These girls…I’ll miss them when Ryan and I set off on a world of adventures.

But seriously…we’re the three best friends that anybody could have (I’m so punny).