we have a countdown

Ryan and I picked a date! I know it’s all really fast, but like we told both our parents: we love each other, we’re tired of the distance and there is really nothing holding us back. I spoke with my work yesterday, and they’ve officially decided to keep me, as well. So, this means I’ll still have my great job, and I’ll just be working remotely from Arizona.

The only real hitch is that I have a lease that I can’t back out of. I’ll have to pay my portion of my rent in New Hampshire through May. It’s not an astronomical cost, but it’s definitely not ideal either. My roommate is going to be looking to see if anyone will take it, but it’s doubtful, so I’m not holding my breath.

Back to the wedding though…we’re going really small, and we’re pretty much inviting solely family and, perhaps, two or three friends. It’ll be a grand total of no more than 25. Neither of us want to drop a lot of money on a wedding when we’d rather plan for the future, and neither of us really wants to deal with planning a wedding when we firmly believe our marriage should be more beautiful than our wedding day.

But, we’ve booked our photographer, it looks like we might have snagged a reservation at a great restaurant for a dinner/reception number and, if all goes well, we should know our venue this weekend! So when, you ask, are we getting married?

January 4, 2014

We’ll have a small honeymoon after, and then we’ll head straight to Arizona. If you don’t want to count that out, that’s just 89 days till I move. Permanently. Andddd it’s just 82 days until our wedding day! I have to admit…I’m still nervous about the planning though. Even small, there are details to take into account, and I worry I’ll forget something. Any advice from my sweet married friends?!