a hairy story

I have a problem.

I go through this vicious cycle with my hair in which I cut it, hate it,

swear that I’m going to grow it out and never cut it again, grow it out, 

then chop it all off and start the cycle all over again.

Ask any friends of mine whether they like my hair long or short, and you’ll hear mixed answers.

That’s why I always end up changing it.

I get bored. 

Once upon a time, I thought that changing the color would solve this dilemma. 

Needless to say, it didn’t, I hated the color after about a month after getting it, 

and I got back to the cycle of cutting and growing all over again.

In the first picture, I thought it would be cool to have John Frieda hair.

 It didn’t work out well.

I spent the next five years growing out my hair until it reached the length of the middle picture.

It reached to my lower back, and I loved it, but it was such a hassle.

I knew I wanted to cut it, but I tried to resist, 

so I dyed it dark brown instead. 

I was super traumatized by the dark hair, so I lightened it back to a reddish blonde to avoid damage.

I wasn’t satisfied though, so I decided it was time to chop it off.

I requested shoulder-length, but it was about an inch below my ear and still reddish.

Finally, I stripped my hair back to as close to my natural blonde (really white blonde) as possible,

and I’ve been growing it ever since.

It’s now about two inches past my shoulders,

and I recently got bit by the change bug again, but I’m resisting.

I’m getting married.

I need my hair! Ryan loves my hair!

Say a little prayer that my hair survives this craving for a hair change, please 😉