a lesson in (im)patience

I lack patience. Hardcore. It’s a severe character flaw, really. With everything in my life changing now, I’m impatient for it to just get started. I know once it happens though, I’m going to wish I could slow things back down. When Ryan and I first started dating, we made a commitment, and we agreed that we would not live together until we were married.

With our religious values, the military not recognizing me in any capacity and having a stable career on the East coast, it didn’t make sense for us. Now that we’re getting married though, I’m ready for this distance to be done. I sound like a broken record. I know. Not only that though, I’m ready to be married. Sometimes I’m not entirely convinced that I’m a girl because I’ve never wanted the big wedding…rather, I just want the marriage.

And so, I’m ridiculously impatient; for the wedding, for the  honeymoon, for the move (though I’d love to skip over the actual moving part, if that were possible). I know that good things come to those who wait. Heck, I even know that the best things are worth waiting for. It doesn’t matter how many of the old adages you give me, I’m still going to be caught twiddling my fingers and sulking…waiting for time to pass.

I am trying, trying, trying to keep busy, and I know everyone keeps telling me that, yes, time is passing slowly now, but I’m going to wish it would slow down soon. I think my newfound insane impatience comes from the fact that the end is finally in sight. But f’reals. Does anybody have any advice on how to occupy myself and/or learn the art of patience? Because I, my friends, am failing miserably in that department.

^^^ If someone can teach me to take this to heart, I’ll pay them in candy and hugs.