a little weekend recap

Right now, I’m lucky enough to live about 2.5 hours from my parents, as they’re right up on the border of Canada. 

My little sister’s boyfriend was spending the weekend at their house while preparing for med school residency interviews in Maine, so I figured it would be a great time to go up North and meet this kid my sister is so very, very fond of.

As an aside, I’m a very protective older sister, so I think Kristina was nervous.

She shouldn’t have been. 

He’s adorable.

My older sister, Nikki, and her husband came up, as well, and we all did dinner with my parents in Portland on Saturday night.

We found this little sushi place hidden right by the wharf, and let me just tell you...it is to die for.

We helped ourselves to oodles of the freshest ceviche and sushi and then topped it off with maple lattes.

^^^ I could eat this ceviche all day long. So fresh and delicious that I’m totally going to recreate it.

We spent the rest of the weekend being lazy and getting to know Kristina’s boyfriend, Josh.

It poured most of Sunday, so I went for a quick run in the rain, then we played board games by the fire and generally did nothing productive but snuggle with puppies all day. 

Tell me you wish your weekend didn’t look like this:

^^^ Panda, my mother’s dog. Kasha, my dog, and Josh.

I accomplished a bunch of wedding stuff, too, including my hair trial (LOVE), decorations and preliminary cake trial (SO GOOD).
Things are falling into place, and Ryan is going to be here for Thanksgiving in just 10 days!
I am the happiest girl in the world 🙂