favorites on a friday

This week has been one of running around like a chicken without its head. With one writer out of the office for a full week, we’ve been covering her brands (mainly BJs), and I have to say I was playing catch-up from Monday on. Needless to say, I’m really, really ready for Friday. Looking back though, it definitely wasn’t a bad week, annnnddd a couple things really made this week better!

1. A new work computer(!!!) – Seriously, this might seem a little trivial, but my work computer has been shutting itself down lately…like, three times a day. I know my company’s IT department is always working their butts off, so I didn’t make a big deal out of it until my boss walked by and asked why my computer was having seizures. Anyway, she clearly put her foot down, and all four of the writers now have fast-running, fantastic new computers. Hallelujah!

2. Poshmark – With a big cross-country move coming up in a couple months, I’ve been getting rid of a lot of excess clothes. I donated a ton to Goodwill, but some pieces were really expensive (and stupid purchases), and I decided to list them on Poshmark on a friends’ advice. I might not have gotten everything back, but I got about 60% of the money returned, which was a pleasant and welcome surprise!

3. Warby Parker – I’ve been needing new glasses for a while. Sitting in front of a computer every day has done a number on my eyes and, while I’m content to go blind most of the time, the fact of the matter is that my glasses are in bad shape for driving – and the prescription is most definitely out of date. So, I finally got my new prescription, and I ordered the Nedwin glasses in Amber Holy love. Did you know they send you five pairs to try on at home – for free – before you buy?! Not only that, but most glasses are only $95 for lenses and frames combined! And, for every pair bought, they donate a pair. Amazing.

I tell you people…it’s the little things. And, speaking of the little things, I’ve just started the process in getting a new little design for this blog. I’ll be switching from “A Little’s Enough” to using the actual URL name “Loving Life Moore,” too, but definitely not buying my own domain yet. Soon. We’ll see. Happy weekend, lovelies! 🙂

*these thoughts are not sponsored – they are simply my own