guest posting and whatnot

As a new blogger in the world of lifestyle blogs, I have to say that I really admire you ladies for seemingly always having something interesting going on. I, on the other hand, do not. Sometimes I’ve struggled to come up with a good post for the day because right now, my blog doesn’t fit into any sort of special mold. Yes, I’m getting married, but I don’t have a year of planning to feature. I don’t have babies, and I haven’t actually gone through a PCS with the soon-to-be hubs yet. So, for now, I inundate you lovelies with my innermost thoughts. (You’re welcome.)

The point is, it’s hard to gain a big following! It took me almost four years with my book blog, and I imagine that it’s even harder with a personal blog. Regardless, I’m doing this because I want to meet people and kind of expand my range, if that makes sense. So, long story short(ish), I signed up for the Chaotic Goddess Guest Post Swap! It’s a really fun little feature in which we get paired with another blogger and take over their blog for the day…boost viewership and helps you meet new people! 

Awesome, right? Signups for this sweet gig end tomorrow though, so make sure you sign up today. I can’t wait to see more of the blogosphere, and I hope you guys will take advantage of this fun swap, too! Just pop on over to Chaotic Goddess, submit your link, and you’ll be well on your way 🙂