one night in boston

I’ve lived in southern New Hampshire for almost two full years now. Actually, you know what? It has been two years, and I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t spent nearly enough time in Boston – which is a shame, because I lived 35 minutes outside the city. In a desperate attempt to rectify this situation before I move to Arizona in 2 months, a few of my friends and I decided to embark on an epic food truck festival in the city this past weekend. It was shaping up to be absolutely perfect.


And then, suddenly, the weather decided to play a cruel joke on us. My friends, by the time we got into the city at 3 PM on Saturday afternoon, it was 21 degrees out. I was unprepared for the vicious, vicious wind, and we had to quickly readjust our expectations. Walking 45 minutes to Bon Me? No bueno. Walking 30 minutes to Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese? HA.


We walked 3 minutes from my sister’s apartment by Fenway to the Yard House where we drowned our sorrows in appetizers and pity (and Angry Orchard…on tap!) But then, as the night went on, we knew we couldn’t just give up. We had to succeed at something! And so, we bundled up and decided to hit up the Cookie Monstah, which we tracked over at Copley. Eating ice cream in freezing temperatures? Why not?


^^^ homemade cookies and ice cream, which I tried in vain to finish…jess and I conquering the temps.


We walked around the city like a bunch of frozen idiots just nomming on our ice cream and what was briefly a warm cookie…just whining about how cold we were.

^^^ These pics are blurry because I was shivering so dang bad. Photography fail.


But seriously, this city is amazing. I love it. It’s historic, it’s inviting, it’s friendly and there is so much pride here. I’m gonna miss you, Boston.

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