the nicest landlord from hell

My roommate and I have what we affectionately refer to as “the landlord from hell.”

Now, here’s the thing…he’s a really nice guy.

Like, really, really nice.

He’s got this adorable little Irish brogue, and he’s totally genuine.

And, hey, he gets things done…

We just never really know when the things that need to be done will actually get done.

For example, when Patrice and I moved in, we discovered that our place had a few issues.

Our bathroom door has four distinct and very large holes in it, 

which have been conspicuously taped over.

Shockingly, they resemble a head, a fist, a knee and a foot. 

In other fun news, we also discovered our faucet has a hole in the side of it. A hole.

^^^ That is not cheese on our faucet. That’s tape to stop it from spraying. Ugh.

We pay next to nothing for this place, which is a rarity in southern New Hampshire, so we don’t want to complain too much…

but seriously. 

We moved into this apartment in May and were promised a brand new door.

I received a call from our landlord last night that said we are finally getting a new door today, 

as well as repairs to the, y’know, the electrical shorts that keep happening in the kitchen?

The faucet?

Yeah, that can’t be fixed today. That has to be another day, so it will probably remain as is until I move.


Anyway, when he called last night, he informed me that one of us has to be home all day.


Because we don’t have jobs or anything.

Luckily enough, I can work remotely, so now I’m cuddling with my kittens,

watching a strange man replace a door in my apartment and hoping that nothing else breaks before I move.