weekly giggles and a roundup

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I just need a good giggle to get through a long week.

And, on a rainy morning when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed (yes, today),

you’d better believe I’m going to be searching out all the giggles in the whole world.

In the off chance you need a little pick-me-up, these funnies from around the interwebs are for you, too:

In other news, most of you have probably noticed my new blog design!

This fun new facelift is courtesy of the lovely Brianna, who blogs over at Endlessly Beloved.

She recently started her own little blog design biz called Beloved Designs.

Yeah, she did this beautiful layout fast, affordable and, hey, it’s quality work! 

I definitely recommend checking her blog design site out.

This weekend, a couple friends and I are doing a tour de food trucks in Boston.

I’ve been wanting to try the food trucks for months.

Now that I’m preparing to move, it’s a necessity.

We whittled it down to, I believe, four different food trucks to try.

Clearly, we’re going to gorge ourselves and regret it later.

I’m nothing if not classy.

Hey, YOLO, right? (Ps…I will never ever say that I again. I hatez it.)

Regardless, I shall chronicle the madness on Monday.

In one final giggle-worthy note for this Friday,

I urge you all to seek out and discover the hilarity that is Bieber’s new song, PYD.

For the record, the entire time on the radio the other day, I was pretty sure he was singing about puberty.

I will never be a Belieber.

Oops. #sorrynotsorry