choosing wedding announcements

Because Ryan and I are having such a small, intimate wedding with just 21 people (including us),

we knew right off that we wanted to send wedding announcements to all those we didn’t invite for the day.
Here’s the thing though…
wedding announcements – heck, cards in general, are expensive,
So, we really want to make sure we pick the right one.

Obviously, we’ll be waiting until we have our wedding photos back before we send them
because we’d like to have a photo card for those who didn’t attend.
We didn’t do engagements because it just wasn’t our cup of tea, so this is how we’re making up for that.

We’re okay with spending a little extra on these cards
because we’ve cut a lot of corners elsewhere, and it’s something special for those who couldn’t be there, too.

We also think we want to combine it with a sort of New Year’s card, as well,
because we’re planning to have them all out by the end of January.
But we’ve narrowed it down to a few cards that we love, and we really can’t choose between them.

Frankly, we love all of these options,
and we’d be happy with any of them, really.
Minted has such a great collection of cards, and though the prices often deter us,
we think they might be worth it this time around.

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Soooooo….help please!
Which card do you like the most?