christmas in review


Can you believe another Christmas has come and gone?

Time is flying by so fast these days, in large part, I’m sure, because the wedding is in 8 days.

We decided to put all planning aside during the holiday though

because we didn’t want to cloud one with the other,

and we really wanted to make sure that this Christmas was as special as possible.


You see, this Christmas was the first year that my sisters and I all had our significant others with us,

and we got to spend Christmas as one big happy family.


We even had my brother-in-law’s sister, Rachel, come up for the day.

Though his family is Jewish,

we celebrate Chrismakkuh every year, and Rachel has been a fixture in our lives for 11 years.

It was so wonderful to be together and hike in the woods on Christmas day.


^^^ Ryan, Moi, Adam, Nikki, Rachel, Kristina and Josh. (Ryan & I are not equipped for hiking)


We spent our two tiny days off playing far too many aggressive games Settlers of Catan,

inappropriate forays into Cards Against Humanity (with my father!!!),

a game of celebrity, in which we actually got my poor mother to play charades,

and generally laughed too much, too loudly and too often…though there’s no such thing.

^^^ Rachel & Kristina, Ryan and I, the parents <3

^^^ Flyer played Settler’s of Catan with us, a frozen Swift River, Ryan & Josh in their #ChristmasJammies


And now, with just 8 days left until the wedding,

I’m officially going nuts over the last-minute details.

I’m telling you, even with a tiny, bitty little wedding, it’s madness.

Here’s hoping it all comes together in the end!