planning honeymoon adventures

Thank you all for your sweet words on yesterday’s post.

One of the two girls has now declined to attend my wedding, and I’m actually okay with it.

I don’t want or need the drama on my big day,

and if she can’t put the issue with the other girl aside, then it’s not worth her being there.


But enough of all that!

Ryan and I have started to plan some activities for our honeymoon,

and while many people think we’re crazy to escape the cold to somewhere colder, we can’t wait!


Quebec City offers so much variety in terms of activities.

We’re staying at Le Chateau Frontenac, so we’ll be in heart of the Old Quarter,

which is chock-full of history, fantastic French eateries, amazing excursions and more.

We’ll be spending five nights up there, then one night at the Mountain View Grand Hotel,

so we’re going to make the most of all our time together.

^^^ images via here, here and here


Chateau Frontenac plays host to toboggan races every winter right behind the hotel,

which I think is probably what Ryan is most excited for.

They offer you fresh frozen maple syrup candies at the bottom, and we’re gluttons, so I’m sure it will be epic.


Quebec City is also renowned for its seasonal and yearly Hotel de Glace,

or the Ice Hotel,

which is exactly how it sounds…crafted entirely of ice.

Though we’re not staying there (it’s like $300+ a night), we’re definitely going for dinner and drinks one night.


Quebec is also known for the stunning Chute de la Montmorency,

which is a stunning waterfall that completely freezes over in the winter.

Visitors can actually hike right up to the falls and, if they’re super daring, climb the ice.

We won’t be climbing the ice, but we’ll definitely be exploring the beautiful scenery!


Ryan and I were talking last night,

and we can’t tell you how very excited we are that our day is almost here.

We are so, so, so excited to finally be able to escape all the stress, distance and planning,

and just have a week together as husband and wife.