stressing and stressors

As much as I hate to admit, I’m starting to get very, very stressed.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m more than excited to be married in less than three weeks, 

but there is just so much to do still, 

and it seems like when I think things are finally falling into place, something throws a wrench in the plans.

Case and point?

I’m having a grand total of 19 guests at my wedding.

Two of those guests were from my former crossfit gym and the best of friends…

until two days ago, that is.

Now these two friends are refusing to speak to one another or sit together at the wedding.

I won’t go into what happened between them because it disgusts me,

but now, one of them has told me (after everything is paid for, mind you), 

that she no longer wants to come to my wedding if the other one is attending.

Thank you for informing me of this 18 days before my wedding.

Does anyone know how to handle something like that?

Because honestly…I’m just at a loss because I was not even involved in the mess.

Yesterday, Ryan was informed by housing on post that the wait time is now between 6-8 weeks.

That means we either wait 6-8 weeks until I move out there when we have our on-post housing,

I move out there and we continue living with his roommate off-post until housing becomes available,

or we choose to live off post, 

which we don’t want to do for safety reasons while he’s off training.

I know that everything will work out in the end.

Trust me, I do.

All I want is to spend a perfect holiday with my family and my almost-husband,

then marry him in a sweet, simply, drama-free day,

and I know that it will happen.

I just wish that these little curveballs would stop.

None of it is going to deter me from marrying the love of my life,

but I can tell you with complete certainty that I’m definitely getting more stressed by the day.

Any tips on how to unwind and de-stress?

On a very positive note though,

Ryan arrives in Boston on Friday for Christmas, New Year’s, our wedding and our honeymoon!

That makes up for the stress, at least 🙂