this the start of something special

Today is the day, kiddies!

No, not our wedding day, but almost as good!

Ryan flies into Boston tonight, and he’s going to be here through Christmas, New Year’s, our wedding and our honeymoon.

How lucky am I?!


I procrastinated hardcore until last night, so I had a bit of momentary panic last night.

I had meant to finish my Christmas shopping, buy a faux fur wrap for my wedding, clean the apartment,

clean the car and do my laundry.

Ha. Boston/New Hampshire traffic had other ideas for me.

Instead, I sat in traffic for 2 hours, didn’t find a wrap or finish my shopping or laundry.

But I did clean the entire apartment and my car.


As an aside, the apartment cleaning is a must because Ryan is highly allergic to my cats.

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.


So, despite the fact that I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping,

or actually finalized all the wedding details yet,

I am totally on cloud nine right now.


In 15 days, I get to marry the man that leaves me little love notes on the bathroom mirror.

The man that puts up with my cats.

The man that told me that there is nobody else he’d rather spend the rest of his life with.

Seriously, TGIF!

This is the moment that our holiday season really gets going, and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂