we work out

Ryan and I have pretty much felt like dirt after the holidays because,

and let’s be completely honest here,

we ate like crap.

There was just so much good food around that was super high in cards and super low in nutritional content.

So, we’ve been hitting the gym every day this week,

and I have to say that it’s felt wonderful to go to the gym with him and leave there feeling accomplished.

In about 6 months, Ryan is heading off to Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCs),

and he wants to be the fittest he’s been in a long time.

I, too, want to get to a place where I’m fit, healthy, happy and comfortable, so we’re enjoying this time a lot.

It’s so easy for us to get bored in the gym though, so we’ve been working on being more creative.

The past two days, we’ve done a lot of running and some light weights.

Today, we’re hitting the pool, where I can finally be better at something than him…boom!

We’ve also been adding in some tabata training, as well, to mix things up and get more balance.

This is what we’ve been doing:

I’ve missed workouts like these since I quit CrossFit,

so it’s felt good to get a bit more of this fast, short and really intense training back in the mix.

Ryan enjoys it, too, because it leaves him winded, but he’s able to finish it and finish it well.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we’re starting to feel leaner and meaner just in time for our wedding in less than a week!