guest post from ashley: the new normal

Hi, I’m Ashley from Afternoons With You Blog and I’m so so happy to be here today!

Everyone always talks about how great the blogging community is. I never really got that until I met Melissa. In just a short time, we discovered we are “long lost soul sistas.” I love our random conversations, texts, and emails. I’m so happy to be sharing on this blog today as Melissa goes off to start her life with Ryan.

I have been married for a little over a year and one thing that shocked me after getting married was figuring out that life changes and a new normal quickly sets in. It was like a paper was signed, there was a ceremony, the ”I dos”, the cake eating, and the dancing. You get into a car that is elaborately and obnoxiously decorated and drive off into the sunset headed for a exotic honeymoon ….but wait..then what?

The new normal!!! For us…marriage was a drastic change. We, like Melissa and Ryan, had never lived together. We were both taking on new jobs, moving to a new city away from our family and friends, and starting a completely new life together.

The new normal consisted of figuring out day to day life and what that picture looked like now that we were married! There are so many little details you never think about before you’re married. Like grocery shopping, cooking, house chores, sleep patterns–just the little oddities that change when you marry someone and live with them for the first time.

And then figuring out things you never knew about him and him about you regardless of how long the two of you have been together. Like the fact that he NEVER washes off dishes before putting them in the sink and that I use TWO towels for every shower and I pretty much just drop them wherever when I’m done with them…like on the bed…or the floors…kitchen counter…sure! The new normal is figuring out this person that you are in love with in a different way and figuring out this life that you get to share together full of new experiences! Creating a NEW way of life, a new normal, with all his quirks and all of yours!

Settling into this new normal and new life with my husband has been one of the best experiences of my life. Of course not every single day is rosy and I will forever get annoyed by the dishes and he will forever have to endure the fact I shed obscene amounts of hair EVERYWHERE! But, it’s the best adventure and experience and this new normal is the best thing that has ever happened!

Congrats again, Melissa! I know you made a STUNNING bride. Can’t wait to see what your new normal holds.