guest post from elizabeth: marrying military men

Well hello there loving readers! (See what I did there–“loving” readers aka “loving” life moore? Cute right? Too cheesy?) Well, anyways, just in case you’re wondering who in the world has hijacked Melissa’s blog, let me introduce myself–I’m Elizabeth and I write over at Army Ever After. My husband Zach (the very handsome soldier boy in the picture to the left) and I have been married for just a little more than a year and a half and we are currently living in Hawaii.

Most of you probably already know that Melissa’s man Ryan is also an Army man so I thought it would be fun and in keeping with the theme to tell y’all some of the reasons I love being married to a military man.

You get to travel with your best friend.

I’m just a small town girl from New Hampshire–never in a million years did I think I would ever live in Hawaii! But here I am! Ok so I know not all places the military sends you are as glamorous as the aloha state but each one offers different experiences you probably would never have had. And whether you’re walking on the beach in Hawaii, shoveling snow in New York, or driving on the autobahn in Germany, who better to have next to you than the person you love! 

You get built in me-time.

Separation is pretty much part of the package when you’re in a relationship with a service member. And it pretty much sucks all around. However if you look on the bright side (which is the side I like to look otherwise I become Miss Gloomy Pants), the hubs being away means you can eat ice cream for dinner, binge on episodes of Gilmore Girls or Real Housewives, and take up the entire living room floor with craft supplies. And the best part of time apart is always that moment when you’re reunited. There’s really nothing else like it and it pretty much makes all those lonely nights worthwhile. 

You learn patience.

Have you ever heard the phrase “hurry up and wait”? It was coined for a reason–military life involves a lot of waiting. You wait for paperwork to go through, you wait for your spouse to come home, you wait to know where you’re going to live. Whether you want to or not, you’re going to learn some patience because there’s absolutely nothing to do to make the waiting go by faster. Just call the military “Persistence Builder”. 

You are a part of an amazing community.

I’m absolutely blown away by this every time I meet (in real life or through blogging) a fellow military wife. It doesn’t matter what our spouses’ job in the military is or what branch they serve in, there’s an instant camaraderie and kinship that’s hard to explain. Of course, I cherish all my friendships but there’s just something special about my milspouse friendships.

Well, there you have it, all–four reasons why I love being a military wife. A big thank you to Melissa for letting me takeover her blog for a day! If you’re like me, you can’t wait for her to come back and tell us all about her wedding and winter wonderland honeymoon. I’m so excited for her and Ryan as they start this new chapter of their lives!! Congrats, girlfriend!

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