i’m back…and officially married!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in years, when in reality, it’s only been just over a week!

To all the sweet guest bloggers that lent their time, blogging prowess and sweet words,

I truly appreciate you helping a girl out more than you know!

I can’t tell you how amazing Ryan and my wedding was because words don’t do it justice.

But I promise you…I will do my best.


I’ll do a full wedding recap, but for now, I’m just settling into normal life again.

Ryan had to fly back to Arizona yesterday because his leave was up,

so I bid my new husband adieu and watched him fly away.

It was incredibly difficult.


Rather than focus on how hard it was though,

I’m focusing on just how much needs to be done before my big move out to Arizona

so that we can officially begin our married life together!

My mother and I will begin the cross-country journey on Saturday, February 1st,

and it will most likely take us 4 whole days.


There is a ton of stuff that has to be done before then,

so I’m sure as much as we miss each other, the time will really fly by.


I’ll be back with a start to the wedding recap tomorrow,

but for now, I leave you with one teaser photo from our amazing photographer, Sarah Nieman.

(I’ve seen more, but I want to save them to share altogether!)