in which i had a huge reality-check

I spent much of last night freaking out over everything.

I was stressed about the fact that I haven’t packed, well, anything yet.
I was stressed that most of my furniture hasn’t sold yet.
I was stressed about the fact that my car is having all these fun issues before a 2,200 mile road trip.
I was stressed about the fact that Ryan and I are moving to a completely empty house.

But then I realized something that changed my perspective entirely.
I don’t really have all that much to pack.
If my furniture doesn’t sell, I might not make some money back, but those less fortunate will get it.
My car always comes through in the end.
I get to move into that big, empty, wonderful house with my husband.

There is nobody else in the world that I’d rather embark upon this crazy journey of life with.
He makes me laugh, he picks me up when I’m down and he reminds me to be strong.
Most of all though, he makes me a better person,
and we finally get to start this next chapter of our lives together in less than two weeks.
I am so, so blessed.