notes on packing and moving

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve packed very little for my upcoming move thus far.

In all honesty, there’s a bit of a catch-22 here.

I need to pack my stuff that I’m taking so I don’t stress in the 11th hour.

However, I can’t pack all the stuff I’m taking because the only stuff I’m taking is the stuff I really need.

I’ve sold most of my furniture,

which was a decision that Ryan and I came to after I snagged the free couch.

I managed to sell that free couch for $130 because I’m obviously a genius,

and my dresser was picked up on Saturday.

Now, it looks like the bookshelves and the desk will be picked up on Thursday.

Then, I pretty much need to wrangle all my books, my clothes and all my kitchen supplies.

Oh yeah, and the cat tree because that’s going to be one of our few pieces of furniture next week.

Ryan and I are only going to be in our house in Sierra Vista for 11 months before we PCS,

so while I’m crazy excited to buy and refinish furniture for our new place,

I hesitate to really put our stamp on the place because, well, we’re going to have to leave again.

We’ve started looking at decorating our next place though,

and I’m so glad to have a husband that generally trusts my design sense.

Perhaps the thing I’m most excited for in the new house, however, is having my own office at home.

I can’t wait to make it a really comfortable little sanctuary,

especially because it’s where I’ll be spending most of my days.

Despite all this excitement though,

I really thought I’d be more nervous to pick up and move on again.

I took tons of boxes to Goodwill and Salvation Army this weekend –

stuff I’ve accumulated through the past three moves that I thought I couldn’t part with…

decorations, trinkets, clothes, a ton of books that I no longer read.

And yet, I felt almost liberated getting rid of everything.

It’s like a clean slate that Ryan and I get to start with anew, and it’s so crazy refreshing.

Have you ever donated or gotten rid of most of your stuff, only to feel crazy happy about it?

I might be insane, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.