packing is the bane of my existence

Today is officially my first day working from home.

Today is also the day that I’m running around like a crazy person getting things done.

Two days from now, my mother and I will be on the road,

so the list of things that needs to be done today is…extensive…shall we say.


The trailer hitch is being installed today.

The couch, desk and bookshelves are all being picked up by their new owners today.

I have to make a massive Salvation Army run.

The giant old-ass TV needs to be taken to the dump today, too.

Oh yeah, and I need to finish packing and do laundry.


It’s a freaking lot.

Ryan and I were talking last night about stress and letting the little things get to us though,

and I loved it because it really put everything into perspective.


All these things are temporary.

The stress, the drama, the fatigue and feeling overwhelmed…

it will all pass, and when it does, we’ll feel better than ever.

It’s hard to remember sometimes, but it is so, so important.


Please keep your fingers crossed for me today that I manage to maintain my sanity!

I’ll try to post something more exciting before we start traveling tomorrow,

but right now…this is my life 🙂

Love all of your encouraging selves.