snapshots from our wedding day

Ryan and I received our full proofing gallery the other day from our amazing photographer and,

though the pictures aren’t final or high resolution yet,

I can’t help but share a few more with the world because I love them!

It truly was such a perfect, intimate, beautiful day,

and even with all the crazy snow and canceling people, it turned out perfectly.

And yes, that’s the whole family, and no, I’m not quite sure where my mother is looking.

I love her dearly, but she has a habit of never looking at the camera.

In other news, I’m sitting up north today waiting for my car to be fixed at the shop,

all the while working from my parents’ house.

It’s snowing lightly outside right now, and I’m relishing these little moments

because they’re going to be few and far between soon!

6 more days till moving day!