some office inspiration

Ryan signed for our house on post yesterday!

I managed to convince the hubs to send me a plethora of pictures,

and I have to say that we really lucked out – especially as newlyweds just looking for a place to call home.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a huge open-concept kitchen, a backyard,

a 2-car garage and a walk-in closet in the master.


Honestly, for Army housing, we are really, really happy.

Once I’m there next week, I promise I’ll some picture of our new house,

but let’s be honest, the pictures he sent were…quickly snapped and not the best quality.


I think that the thing I’m most excited about is starting with a completely blank slate.

One of the three bedrooms will be my office at home,

and I can’t wait to really put my stamp on it and make it mine.

The only real decision I’ve made thus far is that there will be one whole chalkboard wall.

Think of it like a life-sized to do calendar.


Other than that, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration,

and I think I’ve got a pretty clear idea of what I’m looking for.


images via here, here and here.


Since we won’t be in our house for more than a year,

we won’t be painting any of the walls,

which gives me a clear idea of how to make this office my own.


I’m leaning towards bright, clean and fresh whites with pops of pastel colors and gold.

For the most part, our house will be pretty neutral,

but I wanted my office to be a really sweet, fun and feminine sanctuary.

I’ve decided that I want to buy a unique desk/table and refinish it myself,

then I’ll design the room, including the textiles, around the desk because I hope for it to be a great accent.


There is something so amazing about starting with a completely blank slate.

We can’t wait!