a house to call home

Well, we did it – we made it to Arizona!

It was a long and arduous, to say the least, but we were so happy to arrive late Tuesday night.

Our house on post is honestly just to die for.

The place is so clean, so fresh and we’re definitely ready to make it ours…

for the next year, at least.

I was pretty overwhelmed yesterday getting back online to work remotely,

try and start up a routine with Ryan while my mother is still in town,

and try to get the essentials for our house (i.e…kitchen supplies) because we have no furniture yet.

We’re going to start looking for furniture this weekend,

but we’re going to take our time getting what we want and need to make it a home.


I plan on doing a full house tour in about a month’s time,

once we’ve had the chance to somewhat furnish and decorate our place.

For now though, I’m really enjoying that I have both a front porch and a back porch.

I have a kitchen with a gas stove and a huge pantry.

I have a separate dining area that I can’t wait to utilize.

And, most of all, I’m happy that Ryan and I actually have a place to call home.

We’re pretty darn blessed!