juice cleansing

Now that Ryan and I are finally in Arizona and starting our married life together,

it’s time to get him ready for WOCs, which he leaves for at the very beginning of June.

WOCs stands for Warrant Officer Candidate School, and it’s where he’ll train to be a specialized officer.

Right now, Ryan is a non-commissioned officer in the US Army,

but after WOCs, he will have a commission, a rank bump and way more responsibility.


The fun thing about WOCs is that even though Ryan has been in the Army for 6 years,

he will basically have to go through boot camp again,

which means he needs to be in the absolute best shape of his life going in.


This means that both he and I will be working out nearly every day a week,

eating well and doing regular healthy cleanses,

like the juice cleanse that he and I will be starting on Valentine’s Day.

Heck, if we survive the anger and rage of hunger through that, we can survive anything, right?

Two of our favorite juicing recipes from our past cleanses are below:


^^^ images via here and here


Now, the juice cleanse we’re doing is pure, whole fruits and vegetables that we’ll be juicing right at home.

It’s not an easy transition to switch over to,

but it really bumps up your metabolism, cleans things up and gets you back on track.

We’ve done it before, and it really isn’t so bad once you’re three days in.

We’re hoping for ten days, but we’re aiming for just six.


Juicing is not for everyone,

and we’ve definitely consulted with our doctors before doing this every time,

but they all agree that it does no harm, so long as we aren’t too calorie-deficient.


We made a goal to cut most processed sugars and grains this year,

so between intermittent juice cleanses, a healthier lifestyle and a whole batch of fun new recipes,

we’re excited to see what this year has in store for us.

I feel like I should tell you that I love food, so it’s always a struggle to start this,

but trust me, it’s been worth it every time.


Have you ever juiced or done juice cleanses before?

I’d love to hear your favorite recipes, tips or tricks!