rollin’ down the highway

Bear with me, please, lovely bloggy friends!

We left New Hampshire super early on Saturday morning,

and we made it to Memphis, Tennessee last night (despite the snow!)


We’re hoping to be in Abilene, Texas tomorrow night,

and we have a crazy long day on Tuesday,

but we should make it to Sierra Vista, Arizona by late afternoon.

It’s a crazy long trip of about 2,700 miles,

and I must say that I’m absolutely exhausted.


I will definitely recap all the madness of the journey when I’m back on Wednesday,

so pretty please bear with me while I’m gone!


Oh, and also, please pray that my car decides to keep on keeping on.

We had a really rough start,

and it’s pretty horrific even in hindsight.

More on that later, of course.


But for now,

I love all your faces,

and I’ll be back with fun, picture-filled blogs on Wednesday…

and pictures of the house. 🙂