weekends at fort huachuca

Ryan and I did our run on Saturday!

If you remember from the last time I posted, I said we’d signed up for an 8k, and we did.

We discovered, however, that there was actually a 5k when we arrived,

so we decided to do that instead – if only to save ourselves from imminent death.

Ryan did amazing – 25:15, and I went about a minute slower than my best – 29:36, but we were happy!

Neither of needed to walk at all,

and we were pretty dang pleased with ourselves just for getting out and doing it.

We’ve signed up for another 5k on post on March 8th, and we’re excited now…just for fun.

Weekends around here are slow, and we’re loving that.

I never really feel like I have anything to share with you guys though.

Our life is quiet, calm and peaceful right now, and we’re relishing the normalcy of it.

It won’t last long because WOCs is coming up soon, and then it will be non-stop until our PCS next January.

^^^ kittens are settling in, paleo banana bread, juicing, healthy foods and birthday surprises 🙂

As an aside, that cute little bathroom message that my sweet husband left me?

Totally made my day today.

I swear to you…it’s the little things…

and the fact that he bought me a FitBit Flex, which I’ve been lusting over forever.


In short though – I’m sorry the blog is quiet!

Things are just settling down as a newlywed couple, and we’re just loving it.

I will, however, have my DIY refinishing tutorial of my desk later this week! So fun.