getting ready for a getaway

In just 10 more days, Ryan and I are headed off to the Mexican Riviera!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m extremely lucky to work as a writer for the cruise industry,

and I’ve never been more thankful for that job than now.

On Sunday, March 23rd, we’ll be boarding this bad boy for a little 7-night adventure.

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We are so ready for this getaway.

Although, I have to say that I find it pretty hilarious that we live about 5 miles from the Mexico border,

yet we have to drive 6 hours to get to California to cruise to Mexico.

Ponder that one for a few moments.

The longer you think about it, the more ridiculous it sounds.

In other news, I applied for my name change on my passport at the beginning of March (expedited),

and it’s still processing.

Right now, my passport isn’t on hand, my driver’s license doesn’t match my military ID or social security card,

and though Norwegian says I can use my birth certificate to prove my citizenship,

the name on that doesn’t match my married name, which we’re booked under.

My head hurts from thinking about it…and being on hold every. single. time.

Fingers crossed that my new passport arrives on time?!