one month in our home

I’m jumping the gun here slightly, but tomorrow marks one month in our little Sierra Vista home.
Despite my aversion to making this place a home because we’re here less than a year,
I’m definitely putting my stamp on this place…little by little.

^^^ art prints via. stella is settling in. our bed frame is amazing.

We’re officially exactly 3 months from Ryan heading off to WOCs for the first 6 weeks.
Then, he’ll be back for a brief 3 weeks, and he’ll go back for another 6 weeks of training.
We’re enjoying every moment we have together because we’re not looking forward to the time apart.
Our cruise is in just 20 days,
and now I’m scrambling to expedite my passport because I forgot my name change.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve just barely settled in our first home,
but in 10 months, we’ll be packing our life and moving off to a new duty station.
I tell you…this Army life stuff is a trip (literally).

I’ve been running a lot lately here on post,
and I have to say that one of the best parts about Arizona is that I can run outside in March.
I’m up to about 10 miles a week right now, which is huge progress for me,
and Ryan and I have entered our first half-marathon for October – after he’s back from training in Alabama.

There’s not too much going on in the Moore household right now to write about,
but we’re loving even the littlest things together.
I never thought I’d get excited about color palettes, picking out dishes and finding the perfect rugs,
but doing it with your best friend makes it a million times better.
I can’t complain one bit…I have an amazing life.