quiet weekends are the best

We didn’t have big plans this past weekend.

We knew that we needed to do a pretty significant cleaning on Sunday,

and we knew we needed to head up to Tucson for some cruise essentials on Saturday…

and to see the Veronica Mars movie, of course.

Well, let’s be honest here.

I kind of dragged the husband to the movie, but he did enjoy it!

On Saturday morning, my calves were still absolutely dying from the running I did last week,

so we decided to go for a long walk/hike instead,

while Ryan rucked alongside me, since he’s preparing for WOCs.

We ended up hiking about 5 miles around post, exploring old post and getting to soak in some of the history.

It was so quiet, so relaxed and so fun.

If you’d asked me a few months ago what I liked to do on weekends,

I probably would have said that I’d do anything to stay busy.

These days, I’m all about the little, quiet, simple weekends with him

and it’s great.

In other news though, it’s just 6 more days until Ryan and I head off on our cruise!

We booked some shore excursions through my company this weekend (great deals, I tell you),

and we’re so excited to explore another country and get some stamps on our passports this year.

We’ll be swimming with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta, learning to make salsa in Cabo and ziplining in Mazatlan.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that.