the very best people I know

Ryan and I joked a month ago on our two month anniversary of being married

that we obviously knew we could stand the test of time now.

While we know that not every day is going to be a picnic (and trust me…not every day is),

we’re secretly excited about these little milestones, too.

Every day with him – farts, burbs, ridiculous quotes I can’t even write here and all – is a gift.

My parents, on the other hand, are celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary today!

I thought I’d take this day to honor them because they’re two of the very best people I know. 

36 years ago, my cute momma gave up a professional figure skating show in Europe to move to the USA.

Why, you ask?

She met my father while skating with his sister in Germany, and they knew that was it.

My amazing momma left all her family in South Africa, traveled around the world 

and moved to a country she didn’t know for love.

That is dedication, commitment and true love, people.

^^^ then & now: teaching chimpanzees to figure skate in Holiday on Ice and hiking in new hampshire

My daddy was a little loner – too smart for his own good and shy around women.

When he met my momma though, he was smitten, and he knew he needed to marry her.

32 years, 3 daughters, 6 different colleges, a lifetime of swimming, many pets and decades later,

they’re still going strong.

They’ve always told us – it’s not always going to be easy.

There are days when you’re going to wonder if you made the right decision.

There will be days when you’re annoyed, and frustrated and petty and angry…

but it is all worth it in the end because you’re with your soulmate, your partner and your best friend.

^^^ at my sister’s wedding, in maine, at one of my open water swims

To the very best people I know,

my parents, my caregivers and my strongest advocates ever,

I hope this is your best anniversary yet, and I wish you a million more to come!

PS…my father doesn’t have Facebook, or I’d have more pictures of him.

PPS…Yes, my mother really did train chimpanzees how to figure skate for Holiday on Ice.