7-week bumpdate

I’ve seriously debated doing this post because, well, I feel like an idiot showing absolutely nothing. Seriously, folks, there is nothing to see here (yet). The lovely Ashley convinced me that I’ll want to look back at this milestone and remember where I started though, and she’s right. Also, hell, this blog is mine! So, without further ado…my very first bumpdate…even though there’s no bump in sight 🙂




How far along: 7 weeks


Gender: We’re not finding out!


Weight gain: -3 lbs – I’ve consistently lost weight since finding out and being a bit sick. I’ll take it while it lasts, I guess.


Maternity clothes: Nope.


Stretch marks: No


Belly button in or out: In


Sleep: Ugh. Sleeping is a thing of the past, and I thought this was supposed to only be in the third trimester. Baby has me feeling like I have to pee at least 4 times a night, and if I’m not in the bathroom, I’m just restless. My fitbit seems to concur, as last night I had 76 restless minutes.


Best moment this week: Tricare finally sent through my referral for my OB. We literally dropped my health insurance 3 days before we found out. Yeahhh we’re regretting that. Fort Huachuca is the only Army post down here that doesn’t have a maternity and OB ward on post. So, we’re shuttled off post to the Sierra Vista hospital, which is great, but it also means waiting for a referral, which could take 4-6 weeks…and it only took 2!


Miss anything: I would have given anything for a margarita this past weekend. With spring and summer kicking into gear, I miss being able to run 4+ miles without being completely winded.


Movement: Nope. That’s not for a good long while, but I can’t wait!


Cravings: The only thing I’ve craved consistently, really, is chocolate milk. I have momentary cravings for quacamole, but they pass by the time I cut an avocado, and then I’m queasy again. Mostly, I just have food aversion right now.


Looking forward to: My first OB appointment. Frankly, since finding it, I’ve had a hard time believing that this is actually real. I’m not sure it will feel real until I’m at the OB and they’re reinforcing the fact that it is real.