going with the flow

First off, thank you all so much for your sweet words on Ryan and my big announcement. It’s been a crazy week so far, to say the least, and we’re only just getting used to the idea that we’re going to be parents in the same year we got married. It’s madness…madness, I say! I was pretty overwhelmed on Sunday before we even had the blood test, and I felt panicked – like this was the end of my life. I prayed and felt this amazing sense of calm wash over me because Ryan and I are ready, as much as we might think we aren’t.

Furthermore, I know so many people who would give anything to have this miracle so I know that we are blessed beyond measure, and I have absolutely no reason to whine or complain. I do plan to document this pregnancy on the blog, but I promise it won’t be all I talk about…though I must admit this post is all about it. So, without further ado, here’s a list of things you can expect to hear about throughout the next 8+ months.

1. Never before in my life have I experienced heartburn. I thought it was a myth. Baby Moore would like you all to know that it is not a myth, and it will last forever.

2. Ryan and I have decided not to learn the sex of the baby because I decided that if I have to grow a human, there better be a surprise at the end.

3. Pregnancy for me = never ending period-style cramps…even through my back.

4. Not everybody is always hungry. Baby Moore has made it so that food is the enemy, and I have no appetite whatsoever. On the plus side, I’ve lost 11 lbs.

5. Baby Moore is currently the size of a freaking chia seed and yet somehow makes my boobs feel as though they’ve undergone torsion for multiple hours at a time.

6. This baby is due a grand total of about 3 weeks before we PCS to our next duty station, which means we might have to extend a month here in Arizona.

7. I have no idea where or how to start getting ready for a baby.


8. I am most excited to buy this baby a jogging stroller because, thus far, it’s interfering with my running plans due to the aforementioned heartburn and cramps.

9. This miss is aiming for a completely natural birth. Ask me again in 8 months whether this is still the case.

10. We are ridiculously, undeniably, overwhelmingly blessed to be given a baby by our Heavenly Father to raise as our own. Despite all my fears and complaints, I can’t deny that.

(As a footnote, I was estimated at just six weeks yesterday. I hadn’t planned to spill the beans publicly for a while, but my darling husband was so excited that he posted this on Facebook, so there was no reason to hide it anymore:)