the best made plans

It seems like the minute we decide to make our plans and think that we’re in control of our lives,

God throws us a curveball to remind us that He is actually the one running the show.


Remember how Ryan and I said we wanted to wait for kids?

Remember how we adamantly stated that despite our excitement, we wanted to travel for the year

and just enjoy this time being newlyweds together?

Apparently the man upstairs had different plans in mind for us…



This was in no way planned on either of our parts.

I’ve been on the pill religiously – never missed a day, and I was never late.

And yet, here we are…


The funny thing is that since we just got back from our cruise,

we were pretty sure I had norovirus because food has been the last thing on my mind lately.

After a week of that, plus my lady time being late (which it never is), we decided to test, and it said yes.

We had a blood test yesterday that confirmed it,

so here we are…newlyweds…with a baby on the way.


Guys, we’re excited. We really are…I promise.

That said, however, I’m still a little in shock, and having to give up margaritas and coffee cold turkey

has been less than a treat.

I’m not that far along, but I have my first real appointment today to set up with an OB.

Seriously…talk about a wakeup call!


So far, I’ve lost 11 pounds, I still hate the idea of food, and I’m absolutely exhausted all the time.

The nurses yesterday told me it will get worse before it gets better.

I didn’t even know what to say to that.


So, yeah…baby Moore is on the way…

and he/she is due just a few weeks before we PCS, of course.