a trip to the OB

So, fun fact…I was supposed to have my first consult with my actual OB on Monday, right?

Yeah, it didn’t happen, guys.

I am very quickly learning that Tricare is absolutely horrendous,

and while it has its perks (like not paying $2900 for an initial screening during the visit),

you definitely have to deal with their utter incompetence to take advantage of said perks.


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Well, once they figured out the problem with their referral and got their heads out of their butts,

I was finally able to have my visit yesterday!

I’m so excited I chose the OB I did because he is really wonderful.

No woman wants a man all up in her business, but if it has to happen, it’s better it’s a great doctor.


I had 8 vials of blood drawn for disease screenings, drug tests, a full exam,

and though I was hoping to hear a heartbeat, apparently I have to wait a month with this OB to do that.


My OB did notice during the exam that my uterus (sorry, things I should never mention on the blog)

is measuring pretty small for 10 weeks,

so despite the usual 14-week appointment being the one where you see/hear the baby,

my OB has requested a limited ultrasound consult to see if I really am 10 weeks along,

which, like I mentioned, could be wrong because we were on birth control when we conceived.


He didn’t appear to be too alarmed – just said I was measuring closer to 8 weeks, which can happen.

I haven’t gained any weight, which I’m thrilled about,

and I’m looking forward to knowing an actual due date later next week when we have the ultrasound!


I think that maybe…just maybe…I’m falling in love with the idea of being a mother 🙂