summer in arizona (is hot)

It’s not even the throes of summer yet here in Arizona, but it is hot, my friends.
I will never understand why Fort Huachuca doesn’t open its outdoor pools until Memorial Day, as well,
because as far as I’m concerned…it’s been  hot since I got here in February.
Regardless, finally, the pool is opening next week,
and I fully intend to beach myself (see what I did there?) by the pool to work after my morning swim every day.

The countdown is on to Ryan’s departure for WOCs now, which I’m dreading,
so we’re doing our best to enjoy as much of Arizona as possible before he leaves and before I get uncomfortable.

We’ve been taking little evening trips to Bisbee, and we did a short hike to the Peace Wall,
which was awesome, but I can’t tell you how winded I was by the end of a tiny little hike.

Other than the occasional hike outside though, most of my workouts have had to move indoors.
Once the outdoor pool is open, I’ll do an early morning swim there every day,
but right now, running, biking and swimming are all indoor activities.

I found that being pregnant both dehydrates me crazy fast, and makes me lose my breath insanely fast.
When I run on a treadmill, I’m able to better hydrate myself and monitor my heart rate,
which is definitely something I’ve had to listen to better.
I don’t have the best history of listening to my body during workouts, so this is a whole new ballgame.

There will be an exception for me this weekend though.
Ryan’s company is hosting a cross-country 5K on Saturday, and seeing that I’m only 11 weeks right now,
I fully intend to get out there, support my husband and do the race.
Do I think I’ll actually race? No.
Will I do my best to do a light jog the entire time? Yes.

I’ve also been adding in a bit more light weight training again to boost my metabolism and keep some muscle.
I’ve modified a bunch of the workouts, but I’m proud to see I still did tabata handstand push-ups!
That won’t last long though once the second trimester rolls around.
On the days that I don’t want to do a longer run, bike, or elliptical though, I’ve been working in these movements:

^^^ images via here, here and here

I’ve been reading a lot of books and articles that remind women that we’re pregnant, not powerless,
and I freaking love that.

Yes, I’m giving up my body for this baby for the duration of this pregnancy,
but I have a say in it, as well, and I can remain as healthy as I want to be.
I think that that knowledge is what will help me get through this pregnancy healthily and happily 🙂