I’ll be seeing you

I can’t believe Ryan’s been gone for almost a week now for his training.

Life without him here means an empty, echoing house, lots of extra naps to pass the time,

and a countdown on the refrigerator to keep my eye on the prize.

He was lucky that during his first few days there, they were able to keep their phones.

However, drill and the two weeks of hell started this morning, so they relinquished their phones last night.


Now, we’re onto two weeks of radio silence (maybe less if we’re lucky),

and it’s a whole different ballgame.

I have to say though, as much as it sucks not to have him around,

we are so blessed that this is not a deployment,

and I know that the end is in sight, so it’s bearable at the very least.


I’ve been doing my best to stay busy otherwise, if only to keep my mind occupied.

We’re lucky to have great friends here on post, and they’ve kept me entertained almost every day.


I’ve never had a lot of girlfriends, simply because I’m not big on the drama that often ensues,
but these women have really been keeping me sane right now.
Crystal and Shelby both have kids, Amanda’s a new MilSO from NJ and Dayna’s husband is at ALC,
so we’ve all been there at one time or another.

Amanda, yours truly and Shelby’s daughter, Kapri


Life’s certainly not the same without Ryan here, but we are so blessed.

We moved on post without many friends together as a couple,

and by the time we move in January, we’ll have friends that’ll stand the test of time.

It’s a wonderful thing to experience, and as I count down these days, I also count myself as blessed.

33 more days till I have my man back in my arms 🙂