fall is the greatest season ever (and I miss it)

^^^ last year’s apple-picking in New Hampshire

You know, I actually grew somewhat accustomed to the heat and dryness in Arizona, but lately (and maybe it’s just the baby hormones), I really, really miss the East coast. There is absolutely nothing in this world that compares to a New England fall, and I’m really missing that this year. We’re still in the 90’s every day, whereas my family’s been bragging about their crisp air, pretty leaves and fall fashions ad nauseum.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably going to be longing for this weather once we’re in the cold and frosty Northeast come January, but there’s something seriously lacking if you miss the changing of the seasons. It’s just a transitional time that I love…plus, does it get more beautiful than this?

^^^ last fall in park city, utah

I think I’m going to overcompensate this year with crafting and forcing this place to feel and smell like fall. Pinterest has been my best friend lately, as have cinnamon and pumpkin candles burning almost constantly. I’ve also been having some little pangs lately about not having a cool, frosty Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re slated to PCS early January right now (though I think we’re extending a few weeks due to my due date), Ryan’s actual report date is January 2nd, but it looks like we’ll be up there closer to mid-January.

All that aside though, I am absolutely thrilled to have little trick-or-treaters come by our house this year, so I’m going to make certain it looks like fall threw up all over our little cookie-cutter Army housing. Here are a few of my favorite affordable, fun, fresh and amazing looking fall craft projects that this nesting mama-to-be is going to be partaking in this year. And yes, I’m starting early. So there.

^^^ images via here, here & here

Yes, I will post my ventures in crafting…because I’m a terrible crafter. What do you do to get ready for fall? Do you love it as much as I do? If you don’t live in a temperate climate, how do you compensate for the lack of a real fall season?