maternity workout must-haves

From day one when Ryan and I found out we were expecting a little baby Moore, I knew I wanted this to be a very active pregnancy. From what I’ve read, heard and learned from my OB, the more physically active you are – consistently – the easier labor, delivery and recovery time are. Obviously, this is barring no complications (ie: c-sections, etc.). I’ve always been active, but I’ve only just started learning how different growing a human and working out is. 

Here’s the thing, I didn’t start gaining weight really until around 20 weeks, but it felt like I was long before that, and that added weight adds pressure in places I didn’t know existed. Furthermore, my boobs skyrocketed from a small C-cup to a full D-cup in a matter of about 12 weeks, and you wouldn’t believe how much extra weight that is – and stress on the spine. So, naturally, I’ve had to adapt both my workout routines, as well as those essentials that I always have on hand now. Here are a list of my workout must-haves for maternity.


Clothing Essentials

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For running these days, I focus on two types of bottoms. If I’m running outside, I wear my Lululemon Speed Shorts because of the southern Arizona heat. If I’m running inside, I usually wear my Nike Pro Compression Capris. There’s two different fits for these bad boys. 

The Lulu shorts sit right below my bump now, which is getting a little less comfortable the heavier my gut is. However, they stretch amazingly, so they’re worth the hefty price tag ($54 for basic black). And, I promise you, they last a long time. The compression crops tend to have a higher waistband, which is getting more comfortable the bigger the bump gets. It pulls comfortably over the belly now, and it adds a little extra support in the lower back area, which is awesome. The price is still a bit steep on these ($42 at Dick’s), but they last a long time, and you can wear them before and after pregnancy, too.

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Compression socks and calf sleeves have recently become my newest best friend. At over 24 weeks, I’ve noticed my feet and ankles start to swell the longer I run. This is totally normal, and it’s totally uncomfortable. These Brooks Infiniti Run Happy Calf Sleeves keep me sane and keep the swelling at bay. Plus, they’ve started to cut my recovery time in half, which I call a win-win scenario.

In terms of shirts, honestly, I wear what fits these days. A lot of my stretchy tanks still comfortably fit, so I wear them, and I wear them with pride. Plus, they add a little extra support where I need it most. If investing in new tops, I highly recommend scouring the discount racks at Marshall’s. There are some great, cheap finds there!

Extra Gear

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Hydrating is essential when running, so if I’m outside these days, I run with my Nathan QuickView Handheld Water Bottle. This kills two birds with one stone…I can hydrate and I can have my phone. If I’m running inside, which is more common these days during monsoon season, I run with my Camelbak Eddy bottle. Both are great in design, and neither is too bulky.

iPhone, FitBit Flex, Good Running Shoes

These are all things I always recommend to any runner, but especially to pregnant women. The iPhone or cellphone is a must these days. If I’m running outside and something should happen, having my phone for music and emergencies is incomparable. Watching your heart rate is also vital during pregnancy. I’m not always the world’s biggest advocate of staying within that 160-180 range, but my FitBit Flex lets me know if I’m working out too hard for baby to be getting enough oxygen.

Shoes are probably the most important part of the equation. I invested in new shoes right before I did the first time tri at 20 weeks, and I’m surprised with how much I love them. I generally go with Brooks or Mizunos, but I went for the Nike Lunaron shoes because I desperately needed new shoes in a day. These have been awesome – minimalist, higher around the arch and ample room around the toes. Plus, the have just enough padding to keep my feet comfy for 2+ miles daily still! 


I am by no means a great runner (and all opinions about these products are solely my own – I was not compensated in any way), but I am passionate about health and fitness. If you’re a pregnant athlete, or you’re a runner, what do you plan to use (or currently use) that you’d add to this list?