31 week bumpdate

I’m pretty amazed how quickly time is flying right now, and though everyone has warned me that it will slow down near the end, I’m treasuring this time. Baby Moore is a  mover and a shaker in there these days, and it’s insane to feel these pronounced kicks, hiccups and rolls all the time. While it might not look like much (until I eat a big meal – and it does happen), trust me, there’s a baby in there. The nugget has been in the head-down position for almost 3 weeks now, so we’re *cautiously* optimistic that we may have a baby earlier than December. Who knows?! Until then, baby can just keep cooking 🙂

^^^ I take shameless selfies these days. Whoops.


How far along: 31 weeks


Gender: We’re not finding out!


Weight gain: It’s hovering between 12 and 13 lbs now


Maternity clothes: Mostly only maternity clothes these days. I live in maxi dresses and skirts, as well as yoga pants and leggings, too. I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy tanks though and I do still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with a hair tie to close them.


Stretch marks: None. I swear by pure coconut oil twice a day. I rub it all over my boobs, belly, back and sides, and it seems to be doing the trick thus far.


Belly button in or out: It’s still very much an innie!


Sleep: I’ve actually been sleeping amazing the past few nights! I make sure I stop drinking any liquids around 7 PM, and I only get up 2 times a night to go to the bathroom, which is a huge improvement.


Best moment this week: My family was in town, and they got to experience the full-blown effect of baby Moore! Baby cooperated and kicked for both my sisters, and my mom got to feel it have the hiccups and do its little barrel rolls in there.


Miss anything: I miss running like I used to. Running has been much harder lately, and I’m lucky if I get a full mile in before I resort to walking. I’m hoping beyond hope that it comes back after the birth.


Movement: I never thought it would get to this point, but baby Moore’s movements are much less gentle these days! Baby is a mover, and when he/she gets going, there are some pretty intense jabs straight to the ribs now. I can also distinguish the little knobby knees, which is so fun.


Cravings: Ice water and bananas


Food aversions: Eggs and avocado. I just can’t stomach them!


Looking forward to: Our childbirth classes are starting next week! Yes, we’re a little behind schedule here…whoops 😉