34 week bump date

Well, I fail at blogging, now don’t I? Honestly, not too much exciting has been going on around here except for a nasty bout of the flu in the Moore household. Plus, Ryan’s 150U course is kicking his butt, and work has definitely kicked into high gear for me lately, too. With maternity leave fast-approaching, I feel like there’s never quite enough time to get stuff done. On the one hand, this pregnancy is going at a snail’s pace now that we’re nearing the finish line. On the other hand though, holy moly…time is flying. It might be time to start assembling the baby’s bassinet…just a thought.

How far along: 34 weeks

Gender: We’re not finding out!

Weight gain: 17 lbs

Maternity clothes: It’s a mix. I have a bunch of maternity dresses that I rotate between, as well as maxi dresses and skirts. I definitely still wear my pre-prego jeans with the hair-tie closing them (per the above picture) though.

Stretch marks: Coconut oil, my friends, is heaven. I have no stretch marks. I rub it all over my breasts, belly, back and sides both night and day, and it’s been working perfectly.

Belly button in or out: It’s still an innie, but it’s getting flatter.

Sleep: It was rough while Ryan and I had the flu, but the last few days I’ve slept amazing. I even slept through my alarm today, which never happens!

Best moment this week: I had my 34 week appointment this past Wednesday, and my OB said that baby Moore has dropped and is head down. He thinks I’m a good 5 to 6 days, at least, ahead of my due date, which is a relief! He also said he estimates baby is around 5 lbs right now and close to 18 inches. AND we finally picked a girl’s name. We had a our boy name and we thought we had a girl name, but we’ve been debating it for a while now.

Miss anything: I miss working out and being able to walk without feeling as though I might wet myself on a daily basis. Other than that, I’m pretty content!

Movement: All the time! Baby really enjoys kicking me in the ribs, which is quite the sensation. I also get the occasional punch to the bladder when he/she doesn’t like my position.

Cravings: Ice water and pesto. I don’t even ask questions anymore. I’m just glad when I can eat because I feel so full all the time.

Food aversions: Avocado

Looking forward to: I’m flying to Boston and then NY this weekend! Ryan won’t be able to make it because of his 150U course, but we’re hoping beyond hope that we love this house as much in person as we do online. If so…we might have news soon!