family is love

This weekend has been such a whirlwind…in the best possible way. For those of you that follow me on instagram, you probably saw that my family pulled off the world’s best surprise for my baby shower. My parents were supposed to fly into Phoenix on Saturday morning, so Ryan and I got up early and drove up to meet them in the city. It’s a long drive, and Ryan wasn’t feeling well, but we did it and I got there as unsuspecting as ever. Little did I know, they brought my sisters with them.


I am not the easiest person to surprise, guys. I’m a planner. I need to know what’s happening at all times…especially lately. Somehow though, Ryan, my parents, my amazing friend Amanda and my sisters managed to pull this off though, and my sisters and I were reunited for the baby shower. And yes…baby Moore even cooperated and kicked for them 🙂

I have to do a full post on the baby shower, as well as both my parents’ and sisters’ visits, but for now, I can’t get past how amazing these past few days have been. Getting to share this pregnancy, this duty station and this town with my family has been such a blessing, and I’m so grateful to my friends and my wonderful husband for making this happen. We enjoyed a few days of exploring the mountains, hiking, sharing meals and just loving our time with one another. So, for now, I leave you with just a couple more snapshots.