36 week bumpdate

I am totally of two schools of thought now. On the one hand, I’m all for baby staying in there, baking a little longer and taking his/her sweet time so Ryan and I can enjoy our last few days of singledom. On the other hand though…oh my gosh. I’m so ready to have this nugget in our arms and, well, to be honest, I’d love my body back. They said the last few weeks would be the hardest (and the longest), and they weren’t kidding. It’s madness.


 ^^^ well, hello there, little baby moore. you can come out now!



How far along: 36 weeks


Gender: We’re not finding out!


Weight gain: 17 lbs – no gain in the last two weeks, which doctor said was a good indicator that the end is in sight


Maternity clothes: I’m officially not comfortable in anything. When I do force myself to wear clothes, they’re 99% maternity clothes now. I live in my maternity leggings and hoodies, and I’m not ashamed of it. The picture is of me in a Target maternity tank dress, and it’s heaven.


Stretch marks: None. I thought I saw one on my left hip the other day and had a legitimate breakdown. It turned out to be a crease from my shorts. No biggie.


Belly button in or out: It’s still in, but it’s lopsided and looks like it’s drunk


Sleep: Oh my gosh, the past few days, I’ve had the weirdest dreams, but I’ve slept like the dead. Maybe it’s my body letting me have just a few last moments of rest?!


Best moment this week: There was a lot of good this week. The bassinet was assembled, Ryan had a 4-day, so we got a lot of PCS business done, and despite a little scare, we got to see peanut dance for an hour or so at the hospital for our NST. We were quickly cleared to go home, as I figured we would be, but it was a wakeup call to get ready.


Miss anything: I miss being able to physically exert myself. There is zero running, I’m lucky if I walk more than a mile a day, and this lower back pain definitely hinders most everything else.


Movement: Baby Moore enjoys moving, but I think baby Moore is also running out of room. He/she finds comfy little nooks on my sides at night, but the footsies are right up in my ribs, so that’s fun. Good news with that though? Baby’s head down and almost engaged!


Cravings: Olives. I also really want McDonalds french fries, which is absurd. I don’t like greasy things.


Food aversions: Pretty much just meat again. It gives me heartburn and I get nauseous.


Looking forward to: Since my 36 week appointment was on Wednesday, we have a mandatory induction date due to our impending PCS. If baby isn’t born by 12/4, they’ll start the induction process so baby will arrive around 12/7 – no later. It gives us a real end in sight, though I’m really hoping to go into labor naturally! Fingers crossed 🙂